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> Garage door won't stay open

Rest assured, your garage door will likely operate smoothly for a number of years without any kind of issues. Trouble is, everything has its lifespan. Components aren’t immune to malfunction...Read more.

> Garage door won't work, things to check before calling a professional (batteries, photo eye blockage or alignment, manual lock, door path blockage)

Are you having difficulties with your on-the-blink garage door? After opening and closing thousands of times over the years, it’s bound to require some...Read more.

> Garage door won't open or close with remote control

Don’t you just hate it when technology doesn’t do what it is supposed to do? It doesn’t matter if the waffle iron has shorted out, or if your computer’s flat screen...Read more.

> Sectioned garage door vs Solid garage door, pros and cons

Peachtree City, GA boasts beautiful homes and plenty of things to do – which means that locals here have many things to keep them busy, leaving them little time to deal with...Read more.

> Manual GD vs. Electric GD, pros and cons

If you’ve been shopping for a new garage door, you’ve likely discovered that there are a great deal of options ~ a virtually endless list of styles, sizes...Read more.

> Wooden garage doors

There are so many different types of garage doors to choose from when you are considering buying one. The wooden garage door is one of the most popular types available to...Read more.

> Spring system vs. pulley system

At Peach Tree City Garage Door Repair we often get questions about the different types of springs and their advantages and disadvantages...Read more.

> Proper Weather Sealant for Your Garage Door

Our service technicians at Peachtree City Garage Door Repair can properly seal your garage door, if you want to make sure the job is done right...Read more.