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Sectioned Garage Door vs Solid Garage Door

Peachtree City, GA boasts beautiful homes and plenty of things to do – which means that locals here have many things to keep them busy, leaving them little time to deal with things like questions about garage doors. This is likely the case in many other places across the country, which is why Peachtree City Garage Door Repair has put together information that can benefit everyone. If you are trying to choose between a solid garage door and a sectioned garage door, then you probably have many questions. There are so many different options when it comes to making a decision, it is easy to get overwhelmed.

If you have done a little bit of research and find yourself overwhelmed, just know that you can reach out to an expert and usually you are able to take advantage of a free consultation. This might help to narrow down options for you, as browsing around on the internet can get tiresome and frustrating. Everyone has different preferences, needs and wants. This means that what might be a pro to a sectioned garage door to one person could end up being a con to another. For this reason, it is important that you have all of the information you are looking for, delivered in a way that is non-biased.

Sectioned Garage Doors

A sectioned or sectional garage door comes with many benefits, depending on who you ask. We have installed this type of door many times before. Therefore, we can share our knowledge with readers like you. Many people find sectional garage doors to be safer than their alternatives. Why? Because they don’t use extension springs to operate like single panel doors do. These springs can snap or go flying if they are not maintained.

Here is another potential benefit: when it comes to damage, sectional garage doors tend to be easier to fix. If there is damage to a solid garage door, the entire door might need replacement. But if you have panels and only one is damaged, then you will be able to save money only replacing one or a couple.

Let’s not forget that sectional garage doors tend to do well in harsh weather conditions. As mentioned before with regards to panel damage, if any damage occurs to the garage door, it might only cause one section to need replacement.

Solid Garage Doors

Now that you have a better understanding of just some of the benefits to having a sectioned garage door, we will go over why some people choose to go with a solid garage door. This is also sometimes known as a swing garage door, or an up and over garage door. Other times, you might hear it called a one piece. If you happen to have a budget that isn’t very flexible, you might want to consider solid garage doors. They happen to be less expensive in comparison to other options – at least, depending on the material you decide to go with. Obviously certain materials are more expensive than others.

Speaking of materials, with solid garage doors, you also have more choices in relation to materials and finishes.

Cons – Solid Garage Doors Vs. Sectioned Garage Doors

So, now you know sectional garage doors are able to hold up better with harsh weather condition, and you know that a solid garage door might not do as well; and you know that single panel garage doors can be dangerous because of extension springs. You also know that sectional garage doors tend to be on the pricier end of the cost spectrum. In addition, sectional garage doors sometimes get dirtier than single panel garage doors because dirt ends up getting stuck in the panels. In comparison to a solid garage door, ones with multiple panels can get stuck when the door is opening or closing if anything is out of order with the panels. Staying on top of maintenance is important.

Clearly, the type of garage door you decide to get depends completely on your specific wants and needs. Everyone has different preferences. Some people prefer the look of a solid garage door to one that has many panels. Other people are just looking for whatever is the most cost-effective, while some only care that they rarely have to have maintenance performed. Think about what is the most important to you, and see if you are restricted with what you can buy based off your neighborhood’s HOA, if you have one.

Reach out to a garage door installation expert when you are looking for a new door and having difficulty, or once you have found one and need to have it properly installed. It is so important that you don’t attempt to do this on your own when a small error can cause a great deal of damage, not just to the garage door but also to the person trying to set everything up. Both kinds of garage doors come with numerous parts that can be very confusing to work with.

When you are ready to have your new garage door installed, if you happen to be in Peachtree City, GA or the surrounding area, reach out to the experts at Peachtree City Garage Door Repair – they are licensed, insured and eager to help out! When you are searching for a provider in your local area, be sure to double check that they also have certification and insurance. Make sure they are willing to provide you with upfront pricing, and ensure you feel comfortable asking any questions that come to mind. It can be confusing when so many options are at your disposal – most experts will completely understand this and they will do whatever they can to simplify things for you. Best of luck in your search for the perfect garage door, and whether you go with solid or sectioned, it is our hope that you absolutely love it!