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Why You May or May Not Consider a Wooden Garage Door

There are so many different types of garage doors to choose from when you are considering buying one. The wooden garage door is one of the most popular types available to you, despite the price tag. When you are thinking about buying a garage door, you might have to think about more than just the way the door looks. You may need to determine if you’re going to buy a custom-designed wooden door or one that has already been made.

One of the advantages of having a custom-made door is that you can inject some of your own personality into the design of the door. This is especially important to someone who wants their home to stand out as different from everyone else in the area. No matter how expensive a wooden garage door might be, it is obvious that there are some people who don’t mind the cost as long as they can get what they want.

This is the type of door that we would consider a premium door. When our technicians at Peachtree City Garage Door Repair in Peachtree City, GA, they will be careful so as not to damage your lovely new door. The wood door, however, can take a knocking or two because of its solid construction and fine craftsmanship. A wooden garage door is generally made of quality wood, which last longer than just about any other type of garage door made today. They are so impressive that they are sure to make even the most beautiful home look even better. Other than a wooden garage door lasting longer than most others, here are some other benefits of having a wooden garage door installed.

Wooden Garage Door Benefits

Variety of Options

You might not find another type of garage door as attractive as the wooden door. The way they are designed and built will off-set any unattractive garage doors in close proximity of yours, that is for certain. You are presented with an array of garage door designs. If you choose even the basic garage door, you will be able to have it stained, painted or carved. You can choose the door in oak, pine or mahogany. You'll likely choose the type of wooden door to have installed based on your style of home.

A service associate can explain this process to you in further detail once you are ready to take the first step in having a wooden garage door installed. If you like the idea of having a door custom-designed, it allows you the chance to have it designed according to your specifications. The options are endless when you go the custom route. You can even choose from some rather unusual woods to have your new door designed with. Again, one of our service associates will be able to help you design one of the most attractive garage doors possible.

Solidly Build

Wood is a strong, solid piece of material. If your door is built of renewable wood then it is environmentally safe and helps in the reduction of carbon footprints. If your wooden door is well taken care of, you can plan on having it for a very long time.

Expertly Fitted

Since your wooden door will likely consist of several layers, it is best to have it expertly fitted. When it is expertly fitted, you can be sure that they will follow every step necessary to ensure that you are able to get the most from your wooden garage door. They understand how to effectively install the door insulation and frame so that your door will work and last as long as possible.

In-house Manufacturer’s

Working with our service team enables you to find out what the best type of wood, design, and stains would be for your new wooden garage door. However, you stand to benefit even more when you work with our in-house manufacturer's who will be the one's to perform the actual job of staining, caulking, sanding and weatherproofing your new door. They will provide you with the exact finish that you have specified that you desire.

Hardware Options

Like other garage doors, you’ll be able to have hardware added to even the most basic wood door. The hardware should be chosen carefully so that it doesn’t distract from the natural beauty of the door. Not everyone wants hardware of their wooden door but for those who do, there are lots of options.

Lower Energy Bill

Wooden doors offer great insulating benefits. If you want to improve the existing insulating benefits offered from a wooden garage door, you will have to have it inlaid. This is usually applied with oak. Wooden doors are resistant to bad weather and therefore it is possible for you to lower your energy bill when you choose to have a wooden garage door installed.

It is obvious that there are plenty of benefits to having a wooden garage door. However, we wish that we could say that there is absolutely nothing negative about having a wooden door, but unfortunately, there are.

Wooden Garage Door Drawbacks


As we mentioned before, having a wooden door is going to be more expensive than if you chose any other type of garage door. It is due to the material that the wooden door is constructed from and the designs. It takes careful craftsmanship to make a wooden door that will be appealing to homeowners. Therefore, a lot of time and consideration is given to the way the doors are made and constructed. Considering the all that goes into making a wooden garage door, you can see why it would be a costly investment.


You will have to care for your wooden door, regularly, if you want to maintain its appearance. Regular maintenance of your garage door will ensure that it continues to look as good as the day it was initially installed. If you don’t want the responsibility, rely on us for annual maintenance.